A wildfire broke out early Wednesday afternoon within the Attica prefecture district of Glyka Nera, northeast of Athens proper, which was reportedly caused by a fallen drone, according to reports by MEGA TV.

According to the Mega newscast, four persons seen fleeing the scene shortly after the incident were subsequently taken into custody by Greek police.

Authorities have already clarified that the drone does not belong to any civil protection service, as the fire brigade and the civil defense ministry are increasingly using drones to monitor for wildfires and various land use violations, among others.

Police are now investigating the owner of the fallen drone, as all such UAVs must be registered and have a license, in accordance with Greek law. Certain elements of revolving around the incident were cited as “suspicious”.

The blaze was quickly tackled by 100 firefighters operating 25 vehicles, and with the assistance of 16 water-dropping aircraft.

The annual and seasonal scourge of wildfires in the east Mediterranean country has again emerged this summer, with scores of blazes reported on a daily basis – but with most extinguished on the spot. Nevertheless, past years have seen massive wildfires devastating large tracts of the mainland and islands.

Wildfires over the past 20 years have also resulted in nearly 200 related fatalities in Greece.