Large aerial and ground firefighting forces have rushed to Keratea, a town in east Attica, to respond to a fire that broke out in the Plaka region on Sunday. Multiple fires flared up across the country over the past 48 hours.

Reports indicate the fire is burning close to residential areas threatening houses, prompting authorities to send the automatic 112 alarm text message to locals instructing them to evacuate the settlements and head towards Lavrio via the Old National Road of Athens-Lavrio on the southeast of the Attica region.

There are 56 firefighters with two groups of hiking units, five fire trucks, and from the air, eight aircraft, and two helicopters conducting water drops at the scene.

The Deputy Mayor of Lavreotiki said houses have burned in Keratea, while the fire is very close to the military base located in the area.

Traffic Diversions

Due to the front in Keratea, the Police have implemented traffic diversions:

At the old Lavriou Avenue and Plaka Avenue from the Togani side
At the old Lavriou Avenue and Plaka Avenue from the entrance to Markati

Reports suggest the fire is large, with gale force winds of 9 Beaufort blowing in the area hindering the efforts to put the flame under control.

Firefighters are battling hard to prevent the flames from spreading to the National Park of Sounio. Yesterday, firefighters managed to contain the spread of several fires burning at Mount Parthina in Attica, a densely forested mountain range north of Athens.

Evros Fire

Meanwhile, another fire broke out in an agricultural and forest area in Kornofolia town, Soufli, in Evros, northeastern Greece. Firefighting forces were immediately dispatched to the scene including 26 firefighters, supported by a hiking unit team from the 7th EMAK. Additionally, 9 fire trucks, 3 aircraft, and 1 helicopter rushed to the area to assist in extinguishing the fire.