Greece’s largest trade union umbrella organization, the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) 24-hour nationwide strike, has declared a 24-hour industrial action on Wednesday, with rallies scheduled around the country.

Separate protest rallies are set for downtown Athens, with supporters of the labor grouping (PAME) affiliated with the hardline Communist Party (KKE) gathering across from Parliament, mainstream GSEE holding its rally elsewhere, and members of far leftist out-of-Parliament groups assembling at yet another site.

A civil servants’ union (ADEDY) has also called for a strike, although the main repercussion from such one-day strikes in Greece is a disruption in urban mass transit systems, along with rail and ferry services. For instance, bus and trolley services in the greater Athens-Piraeus area will experience interruptions. Conversely, inter-city bus service will be uninterrupted.

Participation in the wider private sector is usually minimal to non-existent in GSEE-called mobilizations. Public schools were also operating normally.

Unions are demanding wage increases, the reinstatement of collective bargaining agreements and measures against rising cost-of-living.

Furthermore, drivers in the bus and trolley sectors are participating in the strike with intermittent service interruptions. According to their unions, urban buses and trolleys will operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., albeit with work stoppages in place during specific periods.

A taxi union is participating in the strike, although it remained to be seen how many owners and drivers would keep off the streets.

Conversely, practically all ferry boat routes to and from the islands were suspended. Finally, only a handful of rail routes are scheduled.