Patients in Greece who have been on waiting lists to get operated on will now be able to choose an evening surgery at a public hospital with a cost, the Health Ministry announced.

More specifically, according to a joint ministerial decision on Tuesday, public hospitals will be scheduling evening surgeries between 3pm and 10pm with costs ranging from 300 euros to 2,000 euros depending on operation.

“From now on, thousands of patients who have been waiting for months to years for surgery will be able to find relief with evening surgeries at a much lower cost than a private clinic,” said Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis.

The decision aims to slash waiting times, support doctors and nurses, and ease pressure on the national health system.

According to data, there are currently 31,954 people who have been waiting for less than 12 months to undergo surgery with the total number in 2023 at 102,000.

The measure is being funded with 60 million euros in RRF resources and will cover the needs of at least 50,000 pending surgeries, the ministry said.