Greece issued an extreme weather warning yesterday which will remain in effect until the afternoon of Saturday, with the Greek civil protection authority warning of the risk of heavy rains, hail and high winds.

Reports at revealed that a family had to be rescued from flooding overnight and that the region of Thessaly and Sporades islands were hit with the most rain, resulting in the flooding of streets and some minor power outages. Meanwhile other media reports show that snow fell overnight at higher altitudes.

Meteorological reports show that low barometric pressure is driving the foul weather across most of Greece. Forecasters expect the front to move to the north Aegean and impact it with heavy rains and storms until the early afternoon, before continuing eastwards.

The Aegean region may even see hailstorms and winds as strong as 8 Beaufort.

The following regions are on high alert for intense weather phenomenon until midday: eastern Thessaly, the Sporades islands, the South Pieria region, Northern Evia, the Prefecture of Fthiotida (in the north), and the Eastern Aegean islands (mainly Chios and Lesvos).