Efforts to enhance conditions for passengers and ships at Piraeus, Greece’s largest passenger port, are back in focus following yesterday’s, May 20, decision by the Council of State which overturned a temporary injunction on dredging works, coming just before the onset of the summer season.

Since Cosco took over the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) in 2016, progress in improving conditions at the port has been sluggish. Key among the unresolved issues is the deepening of the harbor, which has been stalled due to delays in securing environmental permits.

The urgency of deepening the port is emphasized by incidents of ships running aground. The Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN) has highlighted safety concerns in correspondence with PPA.

SEEN is also advocating for various interventions to enhance passenger services and ship operations at the port. These include improved signage for vehicle direction, pedestrian crossings, better lighting, and upgraded passenger waiting areas and ticket counters.

Additionally, SEEN is urging the establishment of designated vehicle waiting areas, informative signage placement, and shuttle services for passenger transit to and from ships. Specific measures, such as installing waiting shelters for ferry routes like Chios-Mytilene, are deemed essential.

For ferry ships, SEEN is pushing for temporary truck waiting areas and measures to regulate truck movement to ease dock congestion. These initiatives aim to address longstanding issues and improve the overall experience for passengers and ships at Piraeus port.