As part of efforts to put a brake on constantly rising prices of basic goods, the Greek Development Ministry launches a ‘Lenten Period Basket’ (known in Greek as the ‘kalathi tis Sarakostis’) today, Wednesday, March 13, with products at fixed prices.

The fixed-price list concerns goods eaten during the 40-day Greek fasting period, known as “Sarakosti”, in the run-up to Orthodox Easter.

Development Minister Kostas Skrekas said the measure is an extension to the similar “household basket” action which applies through to the end of June and includes three new food item categories which concern the Orthodox Greek fasting period.

Among the dozens of products on the ‘Lenten Period Basket’ are halva, Lenten salads, and frozen seafood.

“We want every home to have access to quality products at the lowest possible prices during Lent,” said Skrekas.