A 39-year-old man was gored to death by a raging bull on the well-known Cyclades island of Mykonos on Sunday, a freak accident that hasn’t been reported in Greece for decades.

According to reports from the popular holiday isle, the man, a father of one, was attacked by the bull as he was returning home in the evening with his motorbike. Initial reports have an untendered herd of roughly five cows blocking the roadway, with the victim dismounting and attempting to shoo them away before he was gored and dragged to death by the bull.

“There was a herd of cows that got out of an adjacent (to the road) plot surrounded by a makeshift fence, allowing them to easily get free and roam. He was on a small motorcycle and got off to move the herd away from the road, in order to avoid an accident. That’s when the tragedy occurred,” the victim’s cousin told reporters.

The cause of death was ruled as massive hemorrhaging.

The man’s family has charged that the specific animals belong to a local man who often lost contact with the herd, and who in the past has been accused of using hobbles on the cows – now legally considered a form of animal cruelty.