Greek company Papastratos, the country’s largest tobacco product company, is considered the best Greek employer, according to Ranstad, one of the world’s leading HR services providers that connects skilled individuals with employers.

In the study published by Ranstad, which covers a range of workforce and market-related topics, employees picked the Greek tobacco company as the best to work at for a 4th consecutive year.

The Greek corporations making up the top five as the most appealing employers for workers are pharmaceutical company VIANEX (2nd), airline AEGEAN (3rd), biscuit company Papadopoulos (4th) and supermarket Sklavenitis (5th).

The 5 most appealing companies to work at are ranked based on specific criteria such as financial stability and reputation, job security, and the safety they offer their employees. A good salary and work benefits remain the most important factors for employees in selecting a potential employer, the study finds.

However, only half of those queried in Greece said their current employer lived up to their full expectations, with GenX appearing as the least satisfied compared to the younger generations regarding financial remuneration.

The pharmaceutical sector continues to stand out as the most attractive sector in Greece for 2024, with 56% of employees expressing their willingness to work in companies in the sector.

The energy and fuel sector ranks second (52%), while the strongest companies with the best performances in these specific sectors are VIANEX, which ranks as the most attractive company in Greece in its sector, along with ELPEN, which holds the seventh position, and DEMO. In the energy and fuel sector, IPTO is at the top, followed by Hellenic Petroleum and Motor Oil.

In the travel and tourism sector, the most attractive companies with the best performances are AEGEAN, Athens International Airport, and Lampsa Hotels. However, the differences in attractiveness between the other sectors are small, demonstrating that employers compete not only within their own sectors but also with many others to attract talent.