Greek real estate website Spitogatos revealed data showing that prices of real estate in Greece hit new highs in various regions of Greece in Q1 of this year, boosted by foreign investors looking to grab the remaining lower cost assets that will enable them to obtain golden visas.

Throughout the country, the asking prices of sellers were 5.9% higher than the same period the previous year.

However, the numbers show that some regions significantly outperformed others as foreign investors hunt new neighborhoods for low-cost assets before the Greek government’s new rules on Golden Visas kick in.

The greatest increases in prices were recorded south of Attica where the average prices were 3,664 euros per square meter. On the other hand, the lowest prices were found in the northern Greece city of Kastoria at just 566 euros per square meter.

The southern Attica region of Piraeus outperformed with prices jumping a whopping 27.3%, while prices in Kastoria fell 15.10%.

Taking a look at rental prices, the lowest prices were recorded in Kilkis, an infrequently traveled area north of Thessaloniki at 3,57 euros per square meter. And the highest rental costs found on the Spitogatos platform were in the Halikidiki region south of Thessaloniki at 32.21 euros per square meter.