Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) is gearing up for carnival season by planning sting operations at the country’s largest carnival destinations, promising to catch tax evaders in the act, according to reports at OT.

IAPR will send its inspectors to Patras, Xanthi, Rethymno, Corfu, Naoussa, Kastoria, Tyrnavos, Athens, Thessaloniki and even other locations.

In addition to checking whether or not carnival participants have actually registered and paid to participate in parades, checks are planned at restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, rooms for let, car rental companies, travel agents and more.

And reports at OT say that some inspectors may even be incognito, dressed up as masqueraders themselves, to conduct their operations.

Recently, on the eve of Valentine’s day, 100 groups of auditors conducted inspections in 651 locations at the same time in different regions, auditing a range of businesses such as sweet shops, florists, hair salons and beauty centers, and retail and jewelry shops.

Previous reports at OT have noted that tax inspectors conducted sting operations of event facilities over the holidays, uncovering a great number of violations, which even led to the temporary suspension of operation of some facilities.