Greek wine has emerged as a formidable global asset, showcasing a steady rise in worldwide markets. This growth is bolstered by heightened investments, leading to a doubling of wineries in Greece over the past decade, now totaling 1,750.

Wine industry insiders are optimistic about the domestic market’s trajectory, buoyed by robust tourism performance. Dr. Yiannis Vogiatzis, president of the Hellenic Wine Association (SEO), hilights high expectations for Greek wine this summer, citing tourism and consumption trends as contributing factors. Early indicators suggest positive outcomes for sector businesses.

“Tourism is integral to our economy, and we’re prioritizing wine tourism,” emphasizes Vogiatzis. He cites initiatives from the National Wine Tourism Committee and the inaugural meeting of the Wine Tourism Council on May 14, illustrating industry investment in this area.

The formation of the Council signifies a significant collaboration with the tourism sector, according to the SEO president. It includes key ministries like Tourism, Rural Development, and Culture, as well as stakeholders from tourism and winemaking, reflecting the multifaceted nature of wine tourism.

Vogiatzis also focuses on the enthusiastic response to winery events such as ‘Open Doors,’ which promote Greek wine. Wine enthusiasts can partake in this exclusive wine-tasting journey across Greece on May 18 and 19, immersing themselves in the vibrant spring festivities at participating wineries.