Greeks might be renowned for their legendary hospitality, but when it comes to charity the data is not so flattering, at least according to the 2023 list published by Charities Aid Foundation.

Greeks are in the unenviable position of ranking 5th from the bottom (138th) in a total of 142 countries included in the World Index Rankings.

Only Japan, Yemen, Croatia, and Poland (last) ranked below Greece, while Indonesians were the most generous, occupying the first spot, followed by Ukraine, Kenya, Liberia, and the US.

The ranking was based on surveys by Gallup across 142 countries, with the report examining volunteerism and charitable giving. The sample surveyed by Gallup in 2022 to rank the attitudes in different countries on charitability and generosity was 147,186.

The methodology and criteria adopted to determine the ranking by Charities Aid Foundation included the collection of key demographics and social attitudes and 3 main questions: 1 Have you donated money to a charity in the past month, 2. Have you helped a stranger or someone you did not know needed help, 3. Have you volunteered your time to an organization?

According to the report, 72 percent of the global population, amounting to 4.2 billion people, supported the needy and impoverished.
Another noteworthy finding in the report is that those who were born outside the country where they resided recorded a higher index score compared to natives to the country, while generosity was linked to how one perceived their overall contentment in life. When someone is satisfied with their life, they are more likely to do a charitable act or donate money.

Although Greeks did not feature prominently on the list, putting it mildly, it should be noted that they are generally heedful of secular charities and organizations soliciting for aid, preferring rather to help the needy within the confines of their local Churches via almsgiving.