The summer has arrived, and meteorologists are promising that it will be the hottest one yet. But any plans to “beat the heat” by living off of ice cream will require a closer look, as a ball of ice cream will cost up to 25% more than last summer.

A report at MEGA Tv reveals that a single ball of a simple flavor of ice cream from the local pastry shop will cost between 3 to 4 euros this summer, compared to an average range of 2.80 to 3.20 euros last number.

And those numbers are for basic flavors, like vanilla and chocolate. If you are into parfait, or more complex flavors, plan on spending another 0.20 euros for those nuts, chunks of chocolate or fruit.

Meanwhile, a kilo of ice cream from a common brand will range between 8 to 10 euros per kilo, says MEGA Tv.

So why has our favorite summer indulgence gotten so expensive? MEGA Tv reports that the cost of the raw materials used to make the ice cream, like sugar and chocolate have, gone up.

Other international media sources reporting on the same issue note that farming costs are higher and have particularly hit key ingredients in ice cream, like milk.