Undoubtedly, there are significant challenges in 2024 that demand our attention to minimize risks and maximize opportunities. The combination of political stability with the implementation of the right mix of economic policies is what sustains our optimism for the future.

With ” Elpida,” Konstantinos Argiros, the artist phenomenon with numerous consecutive No. 1 hits, held the No. 1 position on the official IFPI airplay chart by MediaInspector for 15 weeks, both in the mixed and Greek repertoire. Additionally, it secured the top spot on the official Airplay Chart by MediaInspector, also for mixed and Greek repertoire. Within just 24 hours of its release, it was recognized as the biggest increase in plays and the biggest increase in audience.

According to estimates from European banks, and considering the Greek state’s loan program of approximately 10 billion euros for 2024, the country is expected to tap into the markets twice in the first quarter of the year, issuing long-term bonds with maturities ranging between five to 10 years. This move aligns with the country’s broader financial strategy and contributes to managing its debt obligations more effectively.

Explaining how the system works, Synolakis said that if the epicenter of an earthquake was in Heraklion, Crete, for example, it would not help the people of the city but could provide enough of a warning for citizens located further away. This is because the warning systems rely on the measurement of seismic waves through tools called accelerometers, which assess how quickly the seismic waves are travelling and trigger notifications once the waves reach a certain distance from the epicenter of the quake.