Greek police on Monday announced the latest arrest of a suspect reportedly involved in a string of telephone scams plaguing the central Macedonia region of late, specifically Pieria and Kozani prefectures. The arrested individual, a foreign national, in collaboration with a minimum of three unidentified accomplices, was reportedly identified as part of a criminal ring engaging in trying to scam unsuspecting citizens, especially the elderly.

This resurgence has not only reignited investor confidence, it has also made Greece an attractive place to live again, prompting the gradual return of Greeks who left during the economic downturn. Aggeliki, a molecular biologist who until recently held a senior position in London, exemplifies this trend: “I decided to come back, as the cost of living in London had become so expensive I couldn’t even run a car.”

The report underlines that the course of inbound tourist traffic to Greece will be contingent upon the reinforcement of the international competitiveness of the Greek brand.

Kasos-Karpathos comes in second behind an extremely short route connecting Westray with Papa Westray in the Orkney islands off northern Scotland. There, the flight aboard a small turboprop carrying passengers and cargo alike lasts less than two minutes—in fact, less than 90 seconds with a tail wind.