Karamanlis’ testimony comes just 10 days before the one-year anniversary of the tragic crash and amidst criticism of both the Greek government and its Supreme court for what has been perceived as slow progress in holding persons accountable for the disaster.

Presented in the Daily Express, Samos is described as an idyllic getaway adorned with waterfalls, pristine beaches of golden sand, timeless landmarks, charming fishing villages, and unparalleled tourist amenities. The article stresses that the island’s pure local cuisine, extensive nature trails, and mild climate, all foster an environment conducive to healthy living and longevity. Particularly advantageous for those with ample vacation time or flexible living arrangements, Samos is presented as a place to embark on a new chapter or enjoy retirement.

The new tool will not abolish the Tax Identification Number (TIN), which approximately 9,000,000 taxpayers maintain, as the Tax Identification Number will remain the cornerstone of the personal identification number.

I still believe that the EU constitutionally and institutionally incapable of formulating an autonomous and cohesive policy. It does not have the clout, the will, the imagination to actually weigh in on that very critical issue.