The Geek government plans to implement the Personal Identification Number within the next two months, according to exclusive information by

The new ID form aims to streamline Greek citizens’ everyday transactions with the state, including tax authorities, social security, and general transactions. The Ministry of Digital Governance aims to make the number mandatory, however, it remains unclear whether this will move forward.

In addition, the exact details of how the new tool will be provided to citizens are still under consideration.

The new tool will not abolish the Tax Identification Number (TIN), which approximately 9,000,000 taxpayers maintain, as the Tax Identification Number will remain the cornerstone of the personal identification number.

According to Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General for Information Systems and Digital Governance: “the personal identification number will help both in better serving the citizen and the security of transactions, as well as in minimizing the data of the citizen that every public body needs to keep for our service.”

The greatest advantage for citizens is that the personal identification number will allow them to use a single ID number without having to remember their TIN, social security number, etc., to be served.

Now each family member will have their unique number, consisting of the 9 digits of the TIN plus three additional digits, two of which the citizen can choose. These three new digits are likely to precede the TIN. In this way, the citizen will be able to personalize the number, making it more “personal.”

The personal identification number will be used in both physical and electronic transactions of citizens with the government.

Nothing will change regarding citizens’ electronic transactions through the platform, as they will continue to use their user codes for taxisnet or web banking codes where provided.