Yesterday’s News Wrap-up includes the following:

Greek PM Mitsotakis: ‘Get Tough’ Policy Against Lawlessness in Unis Will Continue

The raids themselves came after masked perpetrators exited the University of Athens’ Zografou campus and dormitories last week to torch some 10 vehicles in the immediate vicinity, including five school vans parked outside a private primary school.

Greek Coast Guard Arrests Human Traffickers in Kos

The two traffickers had managed to disembark the migrants and refugees on a nearby beach before Greek coast officers chased and eventually neutralized the suspects.

Scores of Expats File Lawsuits Against Greek State Over their E-mail Leaks to MEP Asimakopoulou

The first lawsuit was filed by a resident of the Netherlands who had submitted their personal details to register for the national elections roll of 2023 to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Many more followed within a few hours.

Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Prez. Expresses Concerns Over ‘Greek Music Quota’ Provision

The President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels stated that the proposed provisions not only failed to address the issue but were a setback and imposed additional burdens on hotel businesses.

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