The 23rd Panhellenic Conference on Infectious Diseases, held yesterday, stressed the urgent need for vaccination as infections and contagions surge. Health specialists outlined the risks and prevention strategies, emphasizing the crucial role of immunization in combating the escalating public health challenges.

“At the conference, Matina Pagoni, head of the Association of Hospital Doctors in the Athens-Piraeus area (ENIAP), stressed the importance of vaccination,” she told MEGA.

“In 2024, concerns arise with 12 reported cases of meningitis. Experts emphasize prompt medical attention for symptoms like severe headache, fever, or rash. Despite available treatments, worries persist over potential complications and past fatalities,” she cautioned.

According to data:
• Pertussis: 34 cases, resulting in 2 infant deaths
• Measles: 19 cases among individuals aged 40-45
• Streptococcus (2023-2024): 102 cases, comprising 45 adults and 57 children.

Regarding medication shortages, Pagoni highlighted inspection lapses as the root cause. “We don’t export medications until Greece’s needs are met, overseen by a pharmacy monitoring committee. Shortages indicate inspection failures. The National Organization for Medicines (EOF) should secure raw materials. While hospitals can borrow meds, maintaining adequate stock is crucial for each facility and pharmacy,” she explained.