A shocking case involving the systematic sexual assault and trafficking of a 12-year-old Athens girl finally concluded in the first instance on Friday, with the primary defendant handed down guilty verdicts for the most egregious felonies, such as rape of a minor and procuring a minor for prostitution.

Conversely, the victim’s mother was acquitted (4-3) of felony charges, and only found guilty of a misdemeanor count of extortion.

Called the “Kolonos case” after the working-class central Athens district where victim lived, the initial investigation, subsequent arrests and eventual trial attracted nationwide attention and extensive press coverage, although the court proceedings were held behind-closed-doors due to the victim’s age.

Another 16 men were found guilty of statutory rape of a minor under the age of 14, all identified as “clients” of the underage prostitution case. The maximum sentence for this felony is 15 years incarceration and a fine.

The mixed jurist-juror panel ignored a bench prosecutor’s recommendation, made last week, to acquit the primary suspect, Ilias Michos, of the felony rape count, finding him guilty via a majority vote.

The second most prominent defendant, identified as “Michalis”, was also found guilty of procuring for prostitution and possession of child pornography, while he was acquitted of a charge of attempted sexual acts with a minor.

At the same time, six defendants were found not guilty and acquitted of similar sexual assault of a minor charges.

A punishment phase now begins, with the bench prosecutor and defense attorneys set to give closing statements, again without the presence of the public.