Police arrested a man in the western Peloponnese on Thursday, for allegedly raping his partner and recording the sexual assault on video.
The purported incident, which occurred in the town of Pyrgos, the capital of the regional unit of Elis in the Peloponnese, came to light when the 23-year-old victim filed a complaint to local police on Thursday night.

According to the young woman’s complaint to police, in the early hours of last Thursday, her partner sexually assaulted her, while as she alleged, he threatened to share the video with her relatives and friends if she refused to give in.

The police ordered an examination of the girl and a forensic examination to determine the injuries she had suffered.

According to the local newspaper “Patris”, the suspect eventually shard the video depicting the alleged acts, and the material fell into the hands of the police authorities, as his mobile phone was confiscated. The seizure of the mobile phones, to which the alleged perpetrator sent the video, has also been requested.

The young man was remanded at the Ilia Police Directorate and will be taken to the Prosecutor this morning with the case file formed against him, which concerns criminal offenses of attempted rape and completed rape with threats.