The Greek government unveiled on Wednesday the timeline for the implementation of a set of new measures regarding the gradual re-opening of sports venues after over two months.

Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou and Deputy Minister of Sports Giannis Voutsis announced the measures in a joint briefing aimed at gradually allowing the attendance of spectators to sporting venues following the closures of stadium doors due to a spike in violence at the end of last year.

The plan includes ticket distribution at football matches, as well as measures to prevent and address misconduct during sports events.

In more detail, the timeline involves the following phases:

– From February 13th, if a flare or firework is thrown onto the field of play, the stadium will be closed to fans.
– From March 6th, no Super League/Basket League stadium will open to the public without cameras.
– From April 9th, fans will have access to stadiums via the wallet application.

The initial shutting down of sports venues was deemed necessary by Greek authorities after two fatal incidents were recorded in December of last year; one involving an AEK Athens fan during clashes with traveling hooligans from Croatia; and the second death of a police officer in the same month who succumbed in hospital after being struck by a flare in the thigh at a volleyball game between Olympaikos and Panathinaikos.

Voutsis stated the government had introduced a completely new legislative framework in Parliament, aiming to address sports violence that would modernize, upgrade, and shield the football, and all other venues in the country.