Greek Police announced the arrest of a local man on Friday in relation to the gangland-style shooting of a 54-year-old surveyor and construction company co-owner in Athens’ Neo Psychiko district last week.

While several individuals have been detained in relation to the assassination, in broad daylight, the focus of the police investigation is on a Greek man with a felonious rap sheet, including involvement in a high-profile kidnapping-for-ransom of a Greek shipowner.

An analysis of the victim’s cell phone reportedly led to the suspect’s arrest. Authorities also carried out a search of the suspect’s residence, while media reports over the weekend had him preparing to leave the country.

Witnesses familiar with the victim’s business activities in both Athens and the holiday island of Mykonos have also been providing testimony since Saturday.

Police continue to scrutinize CCTV footage of the attack, especially a video of the helmeted perpetrator getting off a moped to pick up an advertising sign he – as authorities believe the rider is a man – accidentally knocked over. According to other news reports, the action has yielded clues about the assassin, as it revealed his general physical build and height.

The mob-style shooting took place in the Neo Psychiko district last Tuesday, July 2, when a gunman approached the victim’s vehicle atop a moped and fired multiple times with an automatic handgun. Authorities consider that two handguns were used, in fact. The victim was a co-owner of a construction firm and was a land surveyor by training.

Media reports indicated that the victim was involved in construction projects on jet-setting Mykonos and other highly touristic islands in the Cyclades.

Neo Psychiko

Neo Psychiko