Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday unveiled a national campaign to combat school violence, speaking from the northern metropolis of Thessaloniki. The program’s aim is to end the cycle of violence among adolescents. Mitsotakis presented the initiative at an event held at a school in the west Thessaloniki district of Polichni.

As part of its initiatives, the ministry is launching a digital platform for reporting school bullying incidents.

Students and parents can submit reports on this platform. Parents have already received their children’s registration numbers electronically via myschool to aid in identifying the reporting student.

Additionally, the Ministry is implementing tougher measures against bullying. The reinstatement of a five-day suspension replaces the current maximum penalty of two days.

The differentiation between excused and unexcused absences, ranging from 40 to 75, is also reintroduced.

Parents will now be held financially accountable for any material damage caused by their children at school.

Furthermore, attendance records, course materials, and student grades will be digitized, enabling parents to monitor school activities more closely.

Mobile phone usage remains banned on school premises. Moreover, students who use their phones to expose peers on social media will face the harshest punishment: relocation to a different school environment.