Police in the southwest Greece prefecture of Achaia over the weekend announced three arrests in a particularly vicious rape, assault and robbery incident last week against two foreign farm hands, a couple from Vietnam.

According to reports, the three suspects, described as Pakistani men also employed as agriculture laborers in the same wider region of Lapa, were identified by the two victims. A vehicle used in the cited attack was also identified by the two Vietnamese nationals, police said.

The suspects are described as between 20 to 30 years old and temporary residents of the village of Apideona. No information was given as to whether they are legal temporary residents in the country, and whether they are legally employed.

According to local media reports, all three of the suspects deny any wrongdoing.

The couple were spotted last Tuesday by local residents walking along a provincial road connecting Lapa with Apideonas in a battered and brutalized condition.

In statements to police, they charged that they were beaten, robbed of their possessions – roughly 450 euros and two cellphones – and that the 38-year-old woman was raped.

A subsequent medical examination at a nearby hospital in the port city of Patras confirmed their statements.