A strong explosion rocked the pedestrian zone of Filonos Street in the heart of Piraeus at approximately 01:15 this morning, shattering a building that housed a law firm, a shipping company, an insurance agency, and a store.

Unknown individuals placed an explosive device.

The powerful blast occurred around 01:15 in the early hours on Filonos Street, located just a few meters away from the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Piraeus.

Unidentified individuals approached a building housing offices, including law firms, a shipping company, an insurance agency, as well as ground-floor stores, and planted an incendiary device, according to the Explosive Devices Disposal Department, which found remnants of a slow-burning fuse.

The result was a tremendously forceful explosion that did not cause a fire but resulted in enormous damage from the shockwave, rendering the area reminiscent of a bombed landscape.
It’s noteworthy that the target of the attack remains unknown.

A security task force is conducting investigations, combing through security camera footage, and seeking potential eyewitnesses.