A new development was reported over the weekend in the Oliver case, which involves a husky by that name that was found in a wretched condition before succumbing in the inland resort town of Arachova last November.

According to reports by local Skai news, the prosecutor’s office in the south-central city of Livadia has filed criminal charges against a specific individual who had been a suspect in the case. This development contradicts a widely publicized scenario floated earlier in the year, whereby Oliver’s fatal injuries were caused by an animal attack rather than a human.

Previously, a top Supreme Court prosecutor issued an urgent directive to the local prosecutor’s office to investigate reports over the existence of dangerous packs of dogs in and around Arachova, considered as one of the high-end alpine destinations in Greece, as well as media leaks in the case.

An attorney for the ill-fated dog’s owners, Antonis Zapantis, confirmed the development, merely noting that “we are awaiting the suspect’s defense so we can also obtain a copy of the indictment. This development was possible because of the the significant pressure exerted on the prosecution.”