Greek police have arrested four persons connected to the manufacturing of weapons with a 3D printer on the island of Samos, according to reports at ToVima.

The suspects, all between the ages of 19 and 20, were remanded in custody on Wednesday, 21 February, of this week.

According to police, the accused purchased a 3D printer and installed it at the house of one of the members of the criminal organization and began producing weapons, including a new form of weapon called a printed semi-automatic rifle.

The also made essential spare parts of weapons and had bought two stun guns in the hopes of converting them into firearms and selling them.

Police also said that the group had bought narcotics for both personal use and for selling to third parties based on the island.

The following items were found during the search of the house and confiscated:

  • 3D printer with its power supply cable and accessories
  • 5 laptops
  • 4 spools of filament for the 3D printer
  • plastic semi-automatic pistol grip
  • plastic magazine for semi-automatic weapon
  • 6 portable storage devices for media
  • 2 folding knives
  • 6 mobile phones
  • 5 hard drives
  • 2 stun guns with 2 magazines
  • 4 plastic gun handle parts
  • electronic precision scale
  • 2 metal cannabis graters
  • plastic stock with a semi-automatic weapon trigger mechanism
  • plastic bolt with semi-automatic weapon barrel