A wildfire is raging out of control near the Stamata settlement northeast of Athens proper (Attica prefecture), as a sizable fire-fighting force attempted prevent the fire’s fronts from spreading to other regions. The fire reportedly broke out in undergrowth on a side road and spread rapidly. Plumes of smoke can be seen heading toward Mount Parnitha, a mostly forested peak overlooking Athens from the north. Dry and windy weather conditions have resulted in the spread of several Greek fires in the last 2 days.

According to reports, a 45-year-old man died from cardiac arrest after inhaling smoke. He was transported by an ambulance to a nearby health center, where he finally passed away despite the doctors’ efforts.

Greek authorities have sent the alarm text message “112” to residents, urging them to be alert and follow instructions when necessary, including evacuating their residences, with some reports indicating that some houses have already been evacuated.

Traffic police have implemented diversions on several routes heading to and from the affected area.

Significant forces of the fire brigade arrived on the scene to contain the wildfire front, as there are many residences in the area. There are 60 firefighters with 18 vehicles, two hiking units, six aircraft, and four helicopters involved in water drops.

In addition, earthmoving machines are in the area to assist firefighters by creating firebreaks to contain the firefront.

Reports indicate that the fire was detected by a Fire Service drone flying over the area.

Greek Fires – Extremely Difficult Situation

Fire brigade officials described the situation in Stamata as extremely difficult.

“There is a battle to bring the front down before nightfall,” a fire brigade unionists, Nikos Lavranos, told state broadcaster ERT, warning that the flames are close to residential areas. “The fire is burning in both urban and forested areas, making the efforts of the fire service more challenging.

“We are facing strong winds, powerful gusts, and constant changes in wind direction,” he added.

This is the second large wildfire that broke out in the greater Athens on Sunday, following a large front that erupted earlier near the town of Keratea, in extreme southeast Attica prefecutre, which now appears to be under control.