Another 91 irregular migrants landed on the small island of Gavdos, south of Crete, over the past 48 hours, according to Greek authorities, as migrant smugglers operating from the North African coast appear to have added the destination to their clandestine routes.

According to the small semi-arid isle’s mayor, Lilian Stefanaki, the arrival of scores of would-be migrants have been a daily occurrence this month. She added that resources are scarce on the remote island and that the majority of the permanent residents are elderly.

According to the local office-holder and Greek coast guard officials, most of the foreign nationals are Egyptians, while a few declared themselves from Bangladesh.

Most of the irregular migrants have been described as young males, including teenagers, although one woman among the group is accompanied by three young children.

The previous groups of foreign nationals smuggled onto the island were evacuated to Crete by ferry boat for identification and temporary sheltering at a migrant center.

Other media reports on Tuesday have relevant Minister of Migration and Asylum Dimitris Kairidis arriving on the island on Wednesday to survey the situation, while the same sources reported that Athens is in contact Commission officials to achieve an intervention by Egypt.

A fishing boat used to smuggle roughly 200 illegal migrants is shown in this file photo at the Tripiti Beach on the island of Gavdos. April 2015. ANA-MPA / VASSILIS MATHIOUDAKIS