Eight out of ten Greeks said they are willing to use cashless payments in Public Transportation, according to a survey carried out by the National Technical University of Athens on behalf of Visa which examined the Greek preferences regarding digital payments in Public Transportation.

The findings revealed that 70% of the respondents would use Public Transportation more frequently if such a service were more readily available, while one in two already chooses to purchase their tickets with a card.

A substantial percentage of around 80% stated that they would be quite or very satisfied if this service were available.

Currently, 30 cities across Greece have already activated contactless payments on urban buses (tap & ride), both on the mainland and on islands, where passengers can pay and access Public Transportation ticket-free with their bank cards (debit/credit/prepaid) or activated devices (smartphone/smartwatch).

Those questioned in the survey highlighted the most notable advantages of adopting swipe-and-ride systems as speed (29%), convenience (23%), and the ability to use Public Transportation without cash (21%).

The survey showed that those who did not use Public Transportation opted for private vehicles (70%), citing inconsistency and delays (27%), inadequate line availability (18%), and lack of comfort or safety (16%) as the main reasons for avoiding the means of public transport.