A prosecutor in the northern city of Thessaloniki has ordered a preliminary investigation after a front-page report in Tuesday’s edition of the Athens daily “Ta Nea” cites an attempt to breach a reinforced door leading to a research nuclear reactor at the local university.

The report, bannered with the headline “nuclear rififi” at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, “rififi” being an allusion to a “heist”, states that masked perpetrators used a power saw in order to break through a door leading to the reactor at the university’s mathematics and physics department – ostensibly part of an attempt to reoccupy the schools’ biology department.

An investigation into the alleged incident involves several felonies if evidence materializes.

Meanwhile, in statements to the press, University Rector Haralambos Feidas said the incident occurred roughly a month and a half ago, while he said the reactor entailed a “reduced risk”.

Feidas said a broken lock leading to the basement of the natural sciences faculty was, in fact, detected, in the same vicinity where the reactor is located. He added that entry is only possible through a reinforced steel door, while an alarm system is operational.

The “Ta Nea” report, however, cites an attempt to break-in through a door using a power saw close to where the reactor is located.

Pressed on the issue, Prof. Feidas, a meteorology professor and researcher, acknowledged the possibility of radioactivity and uranium leaking from the unit had the reactor room been breached.