Electric buses are set to revolutionize transportation in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, particularly in the western part of the city. Following successful testing, six out of the 110 electric buses owned by the city’s Urban Transport Organization (OASTh) are primed to hit the streets this May.

The testing phase, initiated on April 6, rigorously examined each bus to ensure compliance with procurement specifications. Loaded with 2.5-ton sandbags, equivalent to a half-loaded bus, the vehicles underwent trials until they covered 5,000 kilometers each.

Handover of these electric buses to the Greek state, overseen by the ministry of infrastructure and transport, is currently underway. Once transferred, they will be integrated into OASTh’s fleet, enhancing public transportation efficiency.

Christos Chatzigeorgiou, the development director of the organization, highlighted the buses‘ exceptional energy autonomy, surpassing requirements twofold. This capability enables their deployment across any route length within OASTH’s network.

Simultaneously, progress on the construction of an electric bus charging station is promising. Expected to be operational within the month, this facility will facilitate efficient charging for OASTh’s expanding electric fleet.