A castaway was spotted on a life raft amidst very adverse weather conditions outside of the port of Tinos island and was subsequently rescued.

The man found himself in his life raft when his boat sank between Mykonos and Tinos on Monday, according to reports on MEGA TV.

It is unclear what led to the sinking of his boat, but he was reportedly the only occupant of the vessel when it sank.

Passengers of the ferry in the port of Tinos island saw the castaway and took videos of the harsh conditions, posting widely on social media.

The man can be seen above in a shot from an exclusive video from Antenna News, fighting the waves in his life raft as the ferry boat, Super Express, approaches the castaway and maintains a safe distance until the rescue can be completed.

Greece has experienced a series of accidents (many fatal) since the start of the summer holiday season involving foreign visitors, mostly tourists getting lost on paths and trails in the daytime heat.

In one more unfortunate accident, a French woman taking part in a popular regatta yacht race in the Aegean Sea lost her life when she fell overboard near the island of Karpathos.