The end of the Glorious Revolution (1688-89), brought upon the deposition of James II and the accession of his daughter Mary II and her husband William III. They ruled jointly until her death in 1694.

Other notable events on February 13th:

In 2008, Australian PM Kevin Rudd apologizes to Indigenous Australians for the “stolen generations” in which somewhere between 10% and 30% of indigenous children were taken from their families until the ’60s.

In 2000, The 17,897th and last “Peanuts” comic strip is published in newspapers around the world the day after its Charles M. Schulz passed away.

In 1960, France detonates its first atomic bomb in the Sahara desert.

In 1542, King Henry VIII of England has his fifth wife Catherine Howard beheaded on charges of adultery.

William III and Mary II, 1702/ Wikimedia Commons