Scattered clouds, in some places denser, are expected today around the country. Local showers are anticipated during the day in Thrace, from late afternoon onwards in eastern and central Macedonia and the Sporades islands, and from the evening on in the Evia region.

Frost is expected to form in central and northern mainland areas in the morning and evening.

Winds will blow north-northwest at 3 to 5 points on the Beaufort scale, locally up to 6 Beaufort in the seas. Come the afternoon, they will turn to north-northeast maintaining the same intensity.

A slight drop in temperature is expected in the north with daily highs not surpassing 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in the rest of the country will reach 13 to 16 degrees.

The Attica region will be generally sunny until noon, where scattered clouds will emerge, gradually becoming denser towards the evening. Temperatures will range from 03 to 13 degrees Celsius.