Unseasonal temperatures persist around the country today as warm Moroccan air blows across the Mediterranean.

Nevertheless, local rains are expected initially in the Ionian, subsequently spreading to the western mainland, Thrace, the Aegean, and Crete. Come the afternoon, local rains are also anticipated in the Peloponnese and eastern Central Greece.

In the rest of the country, scattered clouds are expected, denser in some regions while dust concentration will be relatively high, making visibility limited during morning hours in some regions.

Temperatures in Macedonia and Thrace will range from 2 to 17, in Thessaly from 2 to 18 degrees Celsius, in Epirus from 10 to 20, in western continental Greece from 13 to 19, in the rest of central Greece from 5 to 22, and from 4 to 21 in the Peloponnese. The Ionian islands will see temperatures from 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, the northern and eastern Aegean from 14 to 19 degrees, the Cyclades from 13 to 20, the Dodecanese from 12 to 19, and Crete from 8 to 24 degrees.

Despite the spring-like weather these past few days, meteorologists are bracing for a sudden drop in temperatures come Friday, as a cold air mass will be making its way down from Belarus.