The director of the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Theodoros Kolydas warned in a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) of the high risk of lightning in Greece in the regions of Attica and Viotia on Wednesday.

“The frequency of electrical discharges will be high mainly in Attica and Viotia”, he notes in his post.

Last week lightning in Greece resulted in the tragic death of a 13-year-old girl in the region of Halkidiki, Macedonia. The unfortunate teenager was walking on the beach when a lightning bolt struck her dead.

Meanwhile, the weather is expected to deteriorate following the recent mini-heatwaves. According to an extreme weather bulletin issued by the meteorological services, there will be heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and local hail.

Specifically, local thunderstorms from noon in Macedonia (mainly eastern) and Thrace are forecast. Other mountainous areas in the central and northern regions of the country will also be affected.

The temperature will drop slightly only in the central and southern mainland to 33-35 degrees Celsius. Strong westerly and northwesterly winds are forecast in the Ionian Sea and the Sea of Kythira.

According to the latest bulletin from the Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS), which will be updated at noon, heavier rains and thunderstorms are expected on Thursday in eastern Macedonia, Thrace, areas of central Macedonia (mainly Halkidiki), Thessaly (mainly in its western parts), the Sporades, central and eastern Sterea (including Attica), eastern Peloponnese, and Euboea. The temperature will further decrease.

The temperatures will gradually climb from Friday, with Saturday projected to be even hotter.