Although it is only April 1st, weather will resemble the end of June, with sun and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius in some regions.

African dust will still hover over much of the country, yet in smaller concentrations, and will start receding by midweek.

It will be particularly sunny in the Cyclades, eastern and southern Aegean, with some clouds on the mainland and northern Aegean.

Temperatures will hit 31 degrees Celsius in the eastern mainland, 26 degrees in the north, 27 degrees, and 25-28 in the Aegean.

Winds will range between 3-6 Beaufort.

Attica will be warm and sunny with a few clouds. Temperatures will range between 14-27 degrees Celsius, and southerlies by the sea, ranging between 2-4 Beaufort.

Thessaloniki will be warm and sunny as well, until around mid-day where clouds will role in. Temperature will range between 13-26 degrees Celsius, with southerly winds between 2-4 Beaufort.