Thanks to northerly winds, the skies will be clearer today as the African dust dissipates.  The weather will be generally warm and sunny with some clouds.

The winds will also bring with them cooler temperatures, with highs of 23-24 degrees in the west and north. The eastern mainland will reach 26 degrees and the Aegean around 25 degrees. Summer will prevail in the south with Crete and Rhodes enjoying 29 degrees Celsius.

The winds will blow from northwesterly directions, in the Ionian 3 – 5 Beaufort. The Aegean will reach in the morning, locally mainly in the northern part, up to 6 Beaufort, but will weaken.

In Attica, sparse clouds are forecast with sunny intervals during the day and less cloudiness in the evening. The temperature will range from 13 – 26 degrees, with northerly winds in the surrounding sea areas of 2 – 4 Beaufort.

In Thessaloniki, sparse clouds are expected to cover the wider area, which may periodically thicken up. The temperature will range from 13 – 22 degrees and the northerly winds 2 – 4 Beaufort will gradually turn to southerlies by the evening.