Much of the country will wake up to local showers and thunderstorms, particularly in the Ionian islands, the western part of mainland Greece, eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese.

During the day, one should be prepared for the chance of showers throughout mainland Greece as well as in mountainous areas.

Winds will blow northwest in the Ionian Islands and the Aegean, up to 4-5 Beaufort, while parts of the Dodecanese will have southerlies.

Temperatures across the country will range from 15-19 degrees Celsius, with slightly warmer temperatures expected in the Aegean islands and slightly lower temperatures in the Ionian Islands and in the western parts of Greece.

In Attica, we expect calm and sunny conditions in the morning which will gradually lead to clouds from midday. Those in the capital shold pack their umbrellas as well though because showers are expected, especially in north Attica. The temperature will range between 10-19 degrees Celsius and the winds will blow southwest in the surrounding sea areas.

Forecasts paint the same picture in Thessaloniki with good weather in the morning and local showers later on.  The temperature will range between 9-18 degrees Celsius and the winds will blow north, northwest across the Thermaikos.

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