Meteorologists predict sun, clouds and occasional thunderstorms as the weather in Greece today. So in other words, be ready for anything.

It seems that any foul weather seen for Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the eastern Aegean, the Cyclades and Crete will culminate around midday, with a gradual tapering off to clear skies by nightfall.

Temperatures will remain fairly warm, as in previous days, with highs hovering around 17 – 19 degrees Celsius. Thrace may be a bit cooler with the high expected to come in at just around 14 degrees Celsius.

Winds will blow northwest in the sea, but then gradually shift and blow in all sorts of directions with gusts of up to 3 – 4 Beaufort. The southern most reaches of Greece may be a bit windier and reach 5 Beaufort.

Attica is expected to be partly cloudy until midday where there is a possibility of rain and thunderstorms in the northern suburbs. The temperature will range between 10 – 19 degrees and the winds will start off northerly at 2 – 4 Beaufort and eventually shift to the south by the evening.

Thessaloniki will follow suit with clouds changing to local storms and showers later in the day, but will be a tad bit cooler with temperatures between 8 – 18 degrees. Gentle northerly winds between 2 – 3 Beaufort will also turn to southerlies.

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