The latest Labor Inspection data highlights exceeding designated work hours as the top violation of labor laws. In 2023, almost half of all reported infractions were due to surpassing prescribed work hours.

Out of a total of 11,640 violations, 5,774 were related to working hours. The Labor Inspection recorded 1,218 violations for undeclared work, 3,808 violations for personnel records (overtime) and 470 for misuse of the digital work card.

Minister of Labor, Domna Michailidou, speaking at a conference marking one year of operation of the independent Labor Inspection Authority, noted that during the past year, 74,000 inspections were conducted, with fines imposed totaling over 45 million euros.

Furthermore, the minister stressed that “We will not tolerate any breaches of labor law. All workers must be compensated for and will be compensated for the hours they work, not a minute less.”

George Tzilivakis, Governor of the Independent Authority, highlighted that this year’s priorities include organizational improvements, staffing, salary structures, ensuring smooth unit operations, developing inspection manuals, and enhancing inspector safety regulations.