As of yesterday Jan. 14 the citizens of the Ionian island of Zakynthos in western Greece are reportedly seeing oil instead of water running from their taps; this being the result of an accident according to the Mayor of the island George Stasinopoulos. Indeed, a request has been submitted for the municipality to be declared in a state of emergency.

Interviewed on SKAI TV Mr. Stasinopoulos stated “This issue was caused by an accident we had on the road, and the oil took the path of rainwater. The drains were broken, and underneath, there was a broken water pipe from the local water company. It rained all night, so if we had 30 liters, they turned into 2,000 and filled all the houses with oil.”

The mayor went on to say that 3,000 to 5,000 citizens reside in the center of the island who are consequently affected by the incident “At the moment, they don’t have the ability to take a bath. In each house, we have small tanks that store water, and we use it. That’s where the major problem is because the plastic retains the smell of the oil.”

The Mayor has informed Civil Protection to declare a state of emergency. “We have inspected all the schools, emptied all the main pipelines, cleaned them, but there is an issue from the water gauges to the household tanks,” he emphasized.

Source: SKAI TV