The availability of short-term rentals in Greece has steadily increased between 10-12% each month since the start of the 2024, with the total number of beds related to Airbnb-type properties reaching 961,837 in May 2024, according to a report by INSETE.

The total number of beds available in May 2024 are 30% higher than May 2023, and occupancy rates seem to be stable, despite the increase in supply.

In detail, occupancy rates in May 2024 came in at 30%, which was higher than occupancy rates of 26% posted in May 2023, revealed INSETE.

The average stay at short-term rentals between January and May 2024 was between 3.3- 3.9 nights. While average stays increased at the start of the year, compared to the same months in 2023, they decreased year on year from March t0 May.

Between January-March 2024, the break down between foreigners and Greeks staying at short-term rentals was roughly 60-40.

However, that changed dramatically in April and May, where foreigners comprised almost 89% of Airbnb rentals, and just 11% was attributed to nationals.

INSETE is a non-profit organization in Greece, founded in early 2023, which aims to contribute to the promotion of public and private policies that reinforce and enhance Greek tourism.