Astypalaia is being touted by leading media outlets in the UK, France, and Italy as the go-to destination for genuine holiday experiences in 2024, free from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism. The municipality’s initiatives to enhance its outward appeal are striking a chord not only within Europe but also in markets outside the continent.

The French travel website Easy Voyage showcases this petite gem situated in the Dodecanese archipelago of the Aegean Sea as the epitome of tranquility and authenticity, dubbed “The butterfly of the Aegean” by Travelers.

The Daily Telegraph has designated Astypalaia as Greece’s premier hidden treasure for 2024. Drawing attention to the island’s irresistible charm, the publication shines a light on an innovative partnership between the Greek government, Volkswagen, and the local municipality. This pioneering initiative, geared towards sustainability, is set to position Astypalaia as a trailblazer in Mediterranean development.

Simultaneously, Astypalaia earns praise in Italian Vanity Fair’s latest catalog of the 23 most stunning Greek islands. The island’s newfound accessibility through new routes from Kos unveils a completely new world to Italians.

Recently, the island impressed industry experts at the ITB in Berlin, the world’s largest tourism exhibition. Atypalaia Mayor Nikos Komineas commenting on the island’s appeal said “Through ongoing efforts, Astypalaia showcases itself to the global travel community, which increasingly values exotic beauty, quaint villages, tradition, gastronomy, and our sustainable innovations.”