In the latest findings from, a renowned travel website, Skopelos emerges as one of the top choices among the 9 Mediterranean islands cherished for their authenticity and ideal for quality vacations in 2024.

As reported by Germany’s largest online travel magazine under the “Bild” brand, “everyone knows Crete, Majorca, and Sardinia. But have you ever heard of Cres, Skopelos, Cabrera, or Cavallo? Travelbook has identified the Mediterranean destinations that still offer genuine getaways.”

Among the islands of Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Greece, and Malta, Skopelos takes the fifth spot, distinguished by its azure waters, numerous coves, rich traditions, and unparalleled natural beauty, according to the outlet.

In 2023, Skopelos experienced a record-breaking year with a total of 169,216 arrivals, marking an increase of approximately 17% compared to the previous year.

Eva Karamesini, President of the Skopelos Tourism Committee, emphasized, “Our focus is on showcasing Skopelos’s unique cultural heritage, diverse activities, charming villages, stunning coastline, and local products. Our recent presence at the ITB tourism exhibition in Berlin revealed the growing preference among German tourists and professionals for distinctive destinations like Skopelos.”