Sifnos, nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea, as beautiful as the Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete, shines in a recent extensive feature by the British Express, without the mass crowds of tourists.

The popular news outlet encourages its vast readership to explore the Cycladic island this year. Known for its rich culinary heritage and association with the “slow food” movement in Greece, Sifnos retains its authentic charm.

According to Express, Sifnos boasts the highest number of churches in the Aegean and offers an ideal retreat for those seeking to wander through charming villages, marvel at captivating natural landscapes, and trek along well-marked trails.

The article highlights Sifnos’s exceptional performance last summer and its recognition in international media rankings, dubbing it a precious gem—a sentiment echoed in the destination’s municipal initiatives.

Yiannis Rafeletos, Deputy Mayor of Tourism for Sifnos, anticipates a vibrant season ahead, welcoming visitors from Greece and various international markets. He highlights the development of a tourism experience that encompasses rich history, tradition, gastronomy, natural beauty, and diverse activities, offering enjoyment beyond the peak season.