Lipsi Island, located in the northern Dodecanese chain, appears in first position on’s list of the top 12 sustainable Greek destinations, signaling a nod for eco-conscious travelers seeking an authentic vacation experience.

The website, widely read by millions of Italians interested in sustainable living, praises Lipsi Island for its concerted efforts in steering clear of mass tourism’s pitfalls, opting instead for a sustainable model driven by community initiatives.

Described as a haven of tranquility with a pervasive romantic allure, the island identified with mythical Calypso offers an ideal escape for holiday-makers seeking solace away from the crowds. highlights the island’s commitment to environmental preservation and diverse offerings, including local cuisine and immersive excursions.

In addition to its recognition by, Lipsi also secured the sixth spot on Airbnb’s list of this year’s trending Greek destinations, further solidifying its appeal both domestically and internationally.

Mayor Fotis Mangos attributes Lipsi’s success to a long-term strategy focused on quality, environmental respect, and authentic experiences. Rejecting the conventional trappings of organized sunbeds and pools, Lipsi Island exudes a positive aura through its innovative approach to sustainable tourism, setting a compelling example for destinations worldwide.

Previously, The UK newspaper The Sun and the popular Italian-language Vanity Fair website highlighting the initiatives of the municipality and the local community for environmental sustainability.

In a recent report, The Sun states that life on Lipsi is characterized by tranquility and calm. The island, known as a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts, has successfully steered clear of mass tourism. Local authorities and the community are firm in their stance against organized sunbeds and umbrellas.